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PW drabbles

1. "hoo, humm, hoo this okay?"

He dangles the mirror in front of her face precariously. She threads her fingers into her short (short, short, short) red hair. She pauses as if her own face (faces, faces burning in the fire) was a stranger to her. She tugs her hair and says, "It's fine."

[it's only fair...isn't it? Ini...]

She resists the urge to tear the hair out of her scalp.

2. "he's stirring..."

"Acro, can you hear us?"

Acro murmurs and lazily opens his eyes. Russell Berry was hovering around him anxiously and Moe was having nervous titillations in the background. Acro stretched his legs--
--to find them unresponsive. [no legs, no strength, nothing, nothingness, his life taken in one fell swoop of a muse's claws]

Acro nearly screamed.

"Mr. Berry, my legs! my legs!They're-" suddenly Acro stopped himself and took deep breaths.

Acro froze and said, "Where's Bat? Where's my brother?"

No one answered. Not even Moe.

[Acro never stopped screaming]

3. "...Adrian, I'm getting married."

She swallows tightly and turned to meet her mentor with a sunny smile, "Congratulations Celeste!"


"I'll plan it for you. I'll make it the best wedding ever!"

"Adrian, listen-,"

"It'll be wonderful."


Adrian stopped and fidgets nervously [secrets begets secrets and hers would send off the cliff].

Celeste carefully takes Adrian's hands and starts drawing soft circles in her palms. Adrian resisted the urge to sigh. Celeste stops and presses her fingers into Adrian's palm gently.

"Adrian, I'll still be here for you."

Her heart leapt, "You promise?"

"Of course," Celeste says calmly, "Only for Adrian."

four days later, Celeste Inpax committed suicide.

[dangling as a thread, ready to snap, Adrian dealt with them, her own brand of revenge]
[and yet again, she was snared and torn to pieces]

"Adrian Andrews, has a special condition you see. A co-dependency problem

[Adrian was ready to die all over again]
Tags: that gay lawyer game

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