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So, I dumped tons and tons of albums onto my harddrive [I didn't realize I had so many freakin' Yoko Kanno albums and I'm upto my ears in Hans Zimmer stuff]. This means it's easier to promote and distribute music.

This also means that certain anime I would have never shared before is now ready to be leased over to those who want them.  I have only moved Princess Tutu, Slayers, Slayers Next and Revolutionary Girl Utena. Mushishi will be shifted by tomorrow at the most and some others.

So, if anybody wants anything, just give the word [of course if you lose the CD, then I'll still be pissed off at you, but I probably won't promise death]

Princess Tutu
Slayers Next
Code Geass
Shadow Skill
King of Bandits Jing OVA

That's all I've got for now [still have a couple more CD packets to go through]. Requests are only for those living in Singapore and I can get into contact though. The rest can request and I'll try sending what you want through sendspace. :D
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Princess Tutu CDs? I can make copies during Easter, since I won't be able to watch it until after May
2 things
one: The fact that you have princess tutu makes me <3 you like woah.

two: Speaking of which, how high up does it go? I want to make sure I have everything!
Re: 2 things
one - as it should. :D

two - I have all the episodes and three of the specials. Do you want me to send it to you?