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Important Date!

Spiderman 3 - May 1st


WRY. The one movie I was dying to see since I saw the trailer LAST YEAR. No fair. :(

But yeah, I expect lots of ghei moments. Since Venom is there, there HAS to be gay moments. Otherwise, the very fabric of what Spiderman was built on, will be shattered. No, really. Venom is special.

[for example]

Venom: Will you help me ease this hunger?

Venom: I am torn by love and hatred, trust and fear...I am everything of this world and nothing. Why won't you grant me release?

Spiderman: [But it only ever wanted you]

Venom: Peter...We are one. You are the one.
Spiderman: Nnn...I'm not the one! Get the hell off me!

Venom: No! You don't understand...cannot have Brock. Must have you!

Venom: Why do you tremble Spiderman? Is it fear?...or anticipation?

[and so on...]

To be fair though, Norman Osbourne was pretty bad with the whole monologue with Peter [kiss him, kill him, make him yours]...was ringing strange bells in my head. And any dialogue with the Torch and Wolverine is automatically awesome.
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