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Okay, here's the deal.

I am very protective over my canons. Usually, I don't make a fuss, but if it's something I'm currently very into, then I will take offense. I try not to yell or act rashly because I have a bad temper and I know that. But if I hear friends of mine that I know very well personally making fun of something that's very depressing or serious [I can provide examples of these incidents], then I will go down your fucking throat and rip out your vocal chords. I'm been very reasonable about this so far, but if it continues, then I will be prissy and god help you, I will take whatever canon you're into and destroy it completely. Because I'm mean like that.

Viola, you've done this three times already. You better not have a fourth time.

[is angry and depressed]
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...Well thank you for that awfully friendly notice. If my most recent post is what brought it on, then I have absolutely no idea why, 'cause I was specifically talking the freaking fandom and not the canon. Read what the heck I wrote and stop being irrational over something that's bloody fictional. And I was not making fun over them. When the heck did I make fun over them? In the must current case, all I did was comment on how some things in the fandom break my brain. What the hell is wrong with me reflecting on certain things in the fandom? I never insulted the canon itself or anything and was just talking about why I would never go into that fandom. Also, what other lj users write in reply to my posts is not something I can control. Maki was out of line to say "GayAss", but that doesn't mean that is my fault. Taking your anger out on other people's canon is a sure way of resolving the situation. Also, if you're counting the time when I commented that there is "too much het", should I remind you that I said that right after how you commented quite happily about the gay? Also, to make the matter clear, I had no idea why you were reacting so badly to my comment on the Euphie-incident on your post. I was not bashing it or making fun or it, damn it.
But Viola, your header was "Never consider going into this fandom" sounded pretty damn hurtful. I'm not angry anymore. I'm sorry if it sounded vindictive and petty, I didn't mean it too. But it hurt. Th e last time you mocked the fact Euphie died, it really hurt. I was really close to crying for no good reason.

I don't mind the fandom. I don't mind your post. I don't know. I'm being irrational and angry, I know. It-It just hurt.
See, there's a funny story to go with that. I was gonna type "Never consider going into this fandom again", but I was tired and thought that the word "again" implies that I had actually gone into the fandom, when in fact I haven't. Which makes no sense since I'm posting things from the fandom itself and blah blah blah and I just went "whatever" and typed in that header.

Y-yeah. Little things can turn into this gigantic fucking mess.

I'm sorry for whatever I did to hurt you. My only advice would be to try to not immerse yourself too deep into these things - I get that it's something that one will get emotionally attached to, but it's definitely not something that is worth crying/getting depressed over. D:

*hugs* Feel better soon? We're all kinda on edge here. And our hormones hate us, so. D:

P.S. Btw, I really wasn't mocking Euphie's death. Sorry for that.