water seeping

phibrizzo and his mummy.

title - for want of
fandom - slayers next
pairing - none. phibrizzo and Lord of Nightmares centric
summary - Destruction of the world was what the Mazoku was born for. Isn't that right? Mother?

this was inevitability with a twist. he, the hellmaster, one of the five servants of ruby-eye shabranigdu had taught to destroy, had called on the avatar of destruction. he could laugh. he was laughing. she had already ripped his subspace form in shreds with a blink of her eye.

as expected. she was the golden lord, the sea of chaos, deeper than darkness, blacker than night, the capricious creator of the monsters which roamed the pillars of their world.

their world. not his world. not the Mazoku's world. their lives were flung into the Astral Plane. safe, secure, protected.

"You who so desired destruction....I shall grant your wish."

he could not understand. destruction of the world, destruction of life, this is what they craved. hatred breeds like teeming swarm of insects and he was ready to crush them all. why, was his mother here to stop them. is this not what they were created for? waves of golden black crashed into him, tearing away filaments of his power. he was all out of strings to play with.

his mother was not happy.

he was the only one carrying out their order, their destiny, their innermost body of thoughts, why was she not pleased? that vessel of hers looked too human. perhaps, this was the destruction she wanted. his blood splayed on the walls, black upon gold power careening into the sky. it would be beautiful. it was beautiful. she was still tearing into him. already he had lost the feeling in his limbs, screaming, screaming.

and he was crying. he was crying. he couldn't be crying, it's impossible. the Mazoku don't cry. of course. not tears. fake. human. disgusting things. cockroaches.

he wanted it all to end.

he didn't hear her say, "Your wish is granted, one of mine."

the sky burned.
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I never felt sorry for Phibrizzo, but I could understand what he was going through in that episode. Also, it shows how complicating the Mazoku are as a race.
Yes, but for Zel and Gourry, they're human. According to what we're told, Mazoku only hate and destroy. Phibrizzo tries to carry that out and fails because their creator stops him. It's...bizarre in a way.
Xellos is another interesting one. Have you ever read the doujinshi
"To Return"? It's on DA. Look it up. It's really good.

I haven't had the time to play so, I haven't gotten very far on TP. Still on the first dungeon, so I don't think I want to know more until I get past at least four dungeons. >.>
It is. Done by someone called Eugene(sp?). I'll warn it, it's rather depressing.

That's okay. Take your time.