water seeping

raph, you dork

Every time Nightwatcher from TMNT comes up in my playlist, I'm struck by this inexplicable urge. It sounds so cool and macho-y and James Bond-ish. And I. I. I start laughing.

Raph, you sad, sad turtle. The other score track makes me think of an emo!Leo. DDD: DUN WANT.

I still want to go again and watch the movie. As many times as I can. And I want  the DVD. SO BAD.

Also, Eragon is finally out on DVD!! Viola, when are we going to mock it? :DDDDDDD

I hate my internet. It spazzes on me for the last week and when my brother returns from his sailing trip, it starts working again. >.> What the fuck Starhub.

Still need to work on the costume and scope out the costume shops. Anyone up for that?

Rewatched Slayers and Slayers Next and am suitably impressed by the sheer background of the series. Stuff like the spells that draw power from the Mazoku themselves [some are blatantly obvious. Gaav Flare is a spell created by duh! GAAV], the existence of the Lord of Nightmares [which is SO COOL, no matter how many times I see it. God on screen!] and the nature of the Mazoku which seems so very straighforward, but isn't.

It reminds me a bit on Yen Sid's take on the Nobodies. Yen Sid said "They trick you into thinking that they have human emotions". HOWEVER. In the recent Kingdom Hearts 2 - Final Mix, the fact that when Roxas vanishes, Axel CRIES. Yes, he cries. On screen and broke my heart. Which nicely shoots the theory Yen Sid gave us in the beginning of the game.

Nomura, you do know how to wind up a fangirl's heart.

Meh. Finished most of my math work, still have tons of history to do and I don't want to think of economics anymore.
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I want to watch TMNT the Movie so badly. ugh. XD (The cartoons were a-mazing to me when I was a kid though-- I wanted to be a turtle with super kool ninja skillz!)

My internet's like that, except it doesn't spaz; it flats out give out whenever one of the other computers in the house is being used. ._.

(Never ever watched Slayers. 8D And Nomura's a bastard fo making that video. "See you later, partner." D:)

Ahaha, spring break for me, just trying to finish my Katekyo Hitman Reborn! fic and yeah, I need to finish my homework. XD;

It's weird. It never used to do this before. :S

[Slayers is brilliant. No seriously] I wanted to cry. Roxas was smiling and Axel's lone tear falling onto the ground. T__T

HATE YOU. I have finals at the moment. >.>