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it's a post! FEAR

Had a rather interesting day today.

  • First off, I'm going as the Wicked Witch of the West for Heroes and Villains Day. Just a heads-up
  • Saw the cutest little porcelain shoes ever. :DDD
  • Vivo City is DA BOMB
  • Was sorely tempted to go as either a) A hobbit (possible Frodo since I already possess the One Ring. Three of them in fact) b) Indiana Jones c) Jack Sparrow (the accessories!)
  • The assistants kept wanting me to be either a) Poison Ivy or b) Dark Phoenix. I said no to the bodysuits.
  • ...I realized that the weirdest people keep smiling at me.
  • Got soaked because I forgot my umbrella. Aren't I smrt?
  • My mum and I suck at directions. Now I know where I got that from.
  • ROMEO IS A POUNCE. Oh wait.
  • I want moar money. DD:
  • My mom treated me to afternoon tea. It HAPPENS.
  • I'm also going as one of the Seven Dwarfs on Wednesday. I'll be Grumpy.
  • Green facepaint is a bitch
  • People who are emo, please come here and collect your hugs.
  • I have found my hidden stash of Hindi songs. Soon, you shall fear the dump.
  • Lee Sha Shun is cool. In an odd way. Yay for Chinese superheroes!
  • Trigun Maximum IS FINALLY OVER. Express your shock/amazement/disbelief here.
  • A reviewer of mine wished me good luck for the IB. Ilu.
  • Kirara Princess is Kingdom Hearts with lesbians. No really. Kirara has to travel the worlds to save her friend Eriku Erica!
  • want iconspace.
  • ICHIGO IS STILL GRIMMJAW'S BITCH!!! And Grimmjaw reminds him about that. :DDD
  • The new Bleach ending is crack. And stuff about Ichigo painting his nails. WHUT.
  • Kon is a STAR. And Orihime gets screentime in the new opening YES.
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  • Current Music: Yoko Shimomura - The Other Promise
...i-if you're going as Elphie, please note that a few people at the table will have ABSOLUTE CONNIPTIONS if you say she's a villain, myself included. Just a heads-up back.

Vivo City's not bad.

I may need green facepaint. I don't remember. Share if I do? :D

Ichigo does WHAT. Nailpainting WHAT.
No, I'm not going as Elphaba Thropp, I'm going as the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz. There's a difference.

They have some nice shops. :D

If I have enough, sure.

It's in the lyrics! It's the dorkiest ending ever!
Yeahbut. Conflation of canons. DDDD: Oh well.

Interesting, yes. And it's fairly pretty, and the food's not bad.

Ichigo is dorky by default, but ohmygod nailpaint.
Of course, but I keep thinking "oh poor Elphie". XD

Eh, it's fairly standard local fare.

Neeeeed to catch up on Bleach after May.
I just hope Gowri doesn't maim me. :S THAT'S MY ONLY CONCERN.


You should. The anime is a goldmine for crack. And the animation quality has improved drastically.
XDDDD Yes, um. Yes. Hee. Also, Han may wibble at you too. *amused*

Mrr? *does not know*

I KNOWWWW oh my god. So much wackiness.
I honestly didn't think of that. XD


I can give it to you. And it's easy to get a hold of.
wow...so many things were to start??
do we know which days are what?? as in confirmed
Ill dress up as Joker^^He is my all time fav Super villain^^ or maybe as frodo...since i also have the ring...I know Ill dress up as Sauron^^ if they have it^^
but where are u getting ur ...costumes??
Is that from RomeoXJuliet...i tot the ending was nice...also i kinda like the show despite all that love nonsense
Green facepaint is a bitch
not really....it depends for what....i have the block, which they use in the army....and why do u need face paint?
Lee Sha Shun
Is that from Darker than Black?? sounds familiar...oh oh..you gotta watch darker than black!!!
# ICHIGO IS STILL GRIMMJAW'S BITCH!!! And Grimmjaw reminds him about that. :DDD
# The new Bleach ending is crack. And stuff about Ichigo painting his nails. WHUT.
# Kon is a STAR. And Orihime gets screentime in the new opening YES.

no.......sigh i wish they would just get over the oh i can't protect anyone phase....i mean i dont want to watch that stuff to remind myself....nvm....
And yes Kon-sama rulez!!did u see the //Bleach Golden??that short clip at the end??i like that guys zanpaktou^^
You can't dress up as Sauron. I don't think anyone has his costume.

Go to North Bridge Road or Aliwal Street. Or search the net for addresses.

I did like Romeo x Juliet! I just had issues with the opening.

I need to go green for Heroes and Villains day.


Yes, Ichigo's issues are annoying. I saw the Shinigami Golden Picturebook at the end. Oh Kon~
I keep forgetting people don't read the manga. Orihime becomes pretty damn important from now on. :DDD

Ichigo x Grimmjaw is my OTP. Which is sad. But I love them both.
No, no, I read the scans. So, I'm ahead in that sense.

oooh, Black and Tactics. Don't know much about Black Cat, but I love Kantarou and Haruka.
I'm not alone!

Bleach is good fun. But the anime has a tendency to drag, so get the manga if you can.

Thanks! None are mine unfortunately. All the credits are listed in the userpic page.