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My life is complete.

I saw THE TyKa episode where Kai hugged Tyson! And such lovely shounen-ai hints all over.

Ren: You've gotten so dependant on Kai that blading without him is so hard for you. Kai left you once and he did it again. Prove to me that you can do without Kai.

I don't think Ren likes Kai. Big bro protective instincts.

;__; Poor Tyson has so much angst. Honestly. And Rei is in total Kai mode throughout. I mean, "I have to beat Tyson?". TyRa anyone?

And I don't know if I will ever pick up a Fire Emblem game again. Eliwood is now rated on top with all the angsty guys. Yes, he's no 1.

It's not fair. He goes to save his father, only to see his dad die in his arms. Then he tries to protect Ninian, a girl that loved him and by accident, ended up killing her.

The creators for this game were very mean to poor Eliwood.

Oh, you guys were wondering where I've been all this time. I was in the Land Down Under. And I'm totally convinced everyone who loves in that country is raving stark mad.


But the aniem sections in that place were amazing! I got the first Get Backers episodes and the first Wolf's Rain. Whole sets of Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Haibane Renmei, FLCL and many more up for sale. However, my allowance was restricted.


Anyway, I'm back now. I'll get back to writing immediately!

Love you guys!
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Timmy-sama, welcome back! ^_^ Yay, and the TyKa hug, so adorable and cuddly. It's a shame I can't watch it anymore v.v; my tape's gone.

Yup, I noticed the TyRa-ness too. Poor Rei. I have to assume he has a crush on Tyson, and the only way he can get Tyson to acknowledge him is by battling him *nods* he's jealous of Kai, yup yup. Uh, sorry, I'm being a dork. Again, welcome back, you were missed, yup.
GAH, I don't have the channel that shows Beyblade here so I'm missing all the G-Rev love! ;___; But what's this? A bit of TyRa?! I think it'd be cute if Rei had a little bit of a crush on Tyson but Tyson's thoughts are all of Kai.

XD XD Ren's not letting Kai hurt his cute little uke uke brother! XD I can see him going through a "You can't marry him, why can't you find a nice boy who appreciates you blah blah blah!" mode! XD XD XD
Yeah totally! Ren just didn't like Kai at all. But poor Tyson kept saying "Kai'll be there. He won't leave like that. Kai's there."

And the TyRa-ness. I nearly died. He dissed Lee because he didn't put up a good enough fight and said "You just don't understand what this means to me."