water seeping


I don't want to see him damnit. But I probably have to.

Life sucks. Maybe I'll lock myself in my room or something.
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Yo sorry I'm afraid i don't understand whats going on..but i'm sure things will turn out fine...i have been trying to contact u....because i was wondering if i could borrow gears of war^^
I dont know...But what games do you have?? and do u want to join me and dozie to play dnd: Heroes on monday? i know its an old game, but its awesome when u play as a group^^ of u do wanna join, just bring a controller^^
Father? Firing?

*massive hug* Not sure what this is about, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything's okay.
well, things could be worse. You could have a time bomb strapped to your waist that only he could stop, but it would take five hours for him to do it. So he'd be sitting in front of you, groping your waist, and saying something corny like "I wish we didn't have to meet like this."

a bit of dramatic to be sure, but I'm sure it made your day : ) And another thing to make your day- were you watching Cats don't dance or do you randomly have the OST. B/c if you have the OST and want to give it to me you get at least 40 hero points! On other news, horribly amusing thing- the voice of Dani (SINGING even) is none other than the Captain of the SS Enterprise in Star Trek: Enterprise. Which amuses the HELL out of me.

Hope SOMETHING good happens. All of luck Darlin'!
I wish I had the whole soundtrack. T____T I only have that one song because someone posted it up a while back.


I think I do know someone with the whole soundtrack. I'll post up the link here if I find it.
you would=hero if you found it all!

I still don't own that movie! *Whines piteously* but it's amazing!