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Merry Christmas Eve Glay! Here's your TyKa present!

Just for you
By Timberwolf220

“Oh man, what a stroke of bad luck,” Tyson grumbled as he kicked some snow off his path. His vibrant blue eyes held a glimmer of anger and frustration. If he knew this was going to happen, he would have skipped it out immediately.

What, you ask? Well, here’s the customary flashback


“This year, we’re going to play Secret Santa!” Max cheered.

All the Bladebreakers were there, even Kai. Hillary came too, much to Tyson’s displeasure because she spent the whole evening lecturing him on how to spend his money wisely for Christmas presents.

Rei came all the way from China and Max seemed very happy about that. In fact, Rei spent most of his time in Japan talking to Max. Tyson would have felt a little left out if not for three reasons.

1) Kai was here
2) Kai was here
3) Did he mention Kai was here?

Ah well.

He did see Kai a lot and even talked to him. But Kai seemed…preoccupied almost. As if he didn’t want Tyson there. That was an unpleasant thought, but Tyson chalked it up to paranoia.

So that night, they had gathered in front of the fireplace. Tyson had his hands around a mug of hot chocolate when Max announced his brilliant idea. Since everyone was going with it, Tyson decided to as well. Kai also volunteered, which was rather unusual of him.

They promptly dumped their scraps of paper into the overly large red Santa hat and then at random, picked out the papers. Tyson’s heart thumped as he precariously opened his scarp.

There, in bold letters, was the word “KAI”

He was in so much trouble.

(End Flashback)

It’s not like he hated Kai so much or anything like that. But Kai was like a book with a lock on it. You can’t seem to open it, despite how much you want to. Tyson didn’t know what Kai could possibly want for Christmas. After all, he owns Biovolt now and he could have anything he wanted with a snap of his fingers.

Tyson frowned. But there must be something Kai wanted, something that no money can get him.

Tyson knew he wanted more than anything from Kai. But no, no amount of Christmas wishing could get him Kai. Kai was distancing himself from everyone these days, and every day Tyson wonders if one day he will disappear forever and he…he would be so lost. Kai meant a lot to him, enough for him to give up everything he had with a flick of a hand and walk away without looking back. That thought itself was scary, but he was willing to do it. That thought scared him a lot because he knew if it came to that, he would do it.

Tyson sighed. He was depressing himself with these kind of thoughts. Maybe Max would have a good idea on what to give Kai. If he’s not too busy with Rei, that is.


“Your hands are so cold, Tyson,” Max noticed the chipped blue under his fingernails. Tyson mentally winced. Max was worse than Kenny and his Gramps together as a mother hen, “Do you need new gloves?”

Was Max his Secret Santa? Is that why he’s asking him this? Tyson shook his head clear for a moment and smiled cheerfully, “No, I have another pair at home.”

Max nodded and Tyson internally sighed for relief, “Where’s Rei?” He asked, glancing around, not missing Max’s blush at the question.

“Ummm…he said he had to write cards for the White Tigers so he’ll be here after he finishes,” Max turned away so that his blush wasn’t visible. Tyson snickered.

“You guys have gotten close,” Tyson sighed as he looked through the window, “I wish….”

“You wish what?” Max said quickly, catching the wistful tone in Tyson’s voice. Tyson closed his eyes and smiled sadly, “I wish I had someone to be close too as well.”

“What about Kai? You’re the closest to him than any of us, you know,” Max said gracefully, “In fact, I have a feeling that the main reason he’s here is to see you. He misses you Tyson, though he won’t say it.”

“Thanks Max,” Tyson said gratefully. He didn’t believe in what Max said, but the feeling of his words warmed his blistering cold heart.

“So why are you here?” Max questioned, “I thought you’d be out looking for a gift for tonight’s Secret Santa.”

“I need advice Maxie,” Tyson said, “I need to get a gift, but I don’t know what to get.”

“Who is it?”

“None of your business.”

“It’s Kai, right?”

Tyson gaped at him, “How did you guess?!”

Max grinned, “Simple. If it was Rei, Kenny or me, you’d know exactly what to get. But Kai is an enigma and even I wouldn’t know what the guy would want for breakfast, let alone Christmas!”

Tyson laughed, “I guess it ‘was’ kinda obvious, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” They both laughed for a while before thinking about it. After a few minutes, Max gave up and sighed, “I can’t think of anything Tyson. You’re on your own.”

“Gee Thanks,” Tyson ran a hand through his hair, “I guess I’ll go home and think about it.”

“But it’s today!” Max gaped, “How will you—,”

“I’ll manage,” Tyson cut him off. His eyes were clear.

Max shrugged, “He’s your crush.”



Tyson closed the door quietly behind him and closed his eyes. In his mind flashed everything he knew about Kai.

Why are you 3 wasting your time out here? You should be practicing!

You can tease me all you want, I couldn’t care less Tyson.

No smiles here.

What a surprise. I won.

I won't win this way! Not from Tyson!

I told you I would win.

You’re stronger than this!

I will remember this time. I won’t forget. Because…

That’s it! Tyson snapped his fingers. That’s what I’ll get him!


They were all there and almost everything seemed ghostly quiet. Kai had a serious look on his face, but his beautiful wine-drenched eyes were burning candles. Max cleared his throat.

“Time for presents!” Max said, grinning and aiming a wink at Tyson. Tyson blushed.

Kai sat in a corner while the others exchanged their gifts and so on. Kai closed his eyes and wondered ‘Who was my Secret Santa?’


Kai cracked an eye open before snapping to attention when he saw a blushing Tyson in front of him.

“M-Merry Christmas,” Tyson said, shoving a package into his hands. Kai blinked and looked at Tyson.

“This…is mine?”

Tyson blushed, “Yeah.”

“You were my Secret Santa?”

Tyson couldn’t possibly get any redder, “Yeah.”

“...This present is from you…”

Somehow that very sentence seemed to have some kind of pressure on itself and Tyson gulped, feeling his heart in his hands. And if he wasn’t careful, he’d end up crushing it.

Kai cautiously took the wrapped package in his hands and with steady hands, opened it.

Inside was…a picture frame. With a picture in it.

Kai peered closer at him and realized it was the whole team together. It must have been one of the photo shoots they went to when they were still a team. Max, Kenny, Rei, Tyson….and him…

“It’s a picture I took a long time ago,” Tyson babbled, “Y’know, to remember everyone by and I figured you needed something to remember us by because I know,” He stopped and said softly, “I know I needed to.”

Kai clutched the frame tightly in his hands in a grip that could have crushed it.

“…Thank you,” He turned his eyes away.

“For what?” Tyson laughed, but his eyes were misty.

“You know why,” Kai said gruffly and for the first time, his eyes met Tyson’s, “You know. You always know.”

Tyson wrapped his arms around Kai and they were there for the whole of Christmas night. And for Tyson, that was the best Christmas present ever.

Lame, no plot whatsoever. Gomen Glay. I’ll write a better one next time!

With love, from Timmy. ^___^

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