water seeping

Sometime in Kakariko Village...

Link: Walking around.
Link: Oh, hey, that's my horse.
Epona: [charging towards him]
Link: :DDDD...wait, is she trying me over?
Link: Eep!
Me: DDD:

So far, so good. I hate fighting Gorons. [sob]. Replaying Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Shinon amuses me.

Shinon: Soren is snot-nosed, stuckup whelp.

And replaying Hotel Dusk as well.

Other than that, I've been in an on/off mood, so I'll be a bit reclusive for a while. Also, THAT MUSIC POST? has too many songs now. Sob.
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You need to stop getting such awesome icons. I'm jealous.

I had final exams, so I'm incredibly behind in Zelda. :D BUT I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT.
My love for Eevee + Evolutions PWNS ALL. FTW, srsly.

Also: ZELDA. Jamie stole the Wii, thpugh, so I can't play it ATM. But I WILL get it back >:|

Lucky ass, you have the Wii. All I have is a Gamecube, a Xbox 360 and a PS3 and I WANTED THE WII.

...the other consoles, we got for free. >.>
[lets you bask]

Yes free. I got the Xbox 360 free too. >.> BUT THE CONSOLE I WANT IS THE WII and it's the most expensive here in Singapore. IS THIS DIVINE JUSTICE?!