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So, Me and Hong Loong went for the First Asian Premiere of Play! A Video Game Symphony. Needless to say, we were psyched and totally glancing at each other five seconds to mouth the words "OMG OMG OMG" in true dork fashion. We had a really awesome conductor (Arnie Roth) who was funny and kept saying, "Oh, did I already say Blue Dragon! :DDD". Shameless pimping of that game, I swear.

Tracks Played (and reviews added for each track :DD)

Super Mario Brothers Suite - THIS WAS SO AWESOME. They even put up screens of the old games while it was being played. I PLAYED 4/5 games they showed. I-I feel proud of myself. But this one was brilliant.

Shenmue and Shenmue II "Sedge Tree"  - My favourite of all tracks and it wasn't even a suite *gasp*. Soft and epic at the same time with brilliant graphics and such power in the scenes. Definitely must pick up both soundtracks.

Lost Odyssey Main Theme - I like the graphics for this (though the armies looked funny in their weird armour), but the music for this was really nice. Is it sad I wanted to play all the games they played music for? DDD:

Sonic The Hedgehog Suite - LOVE FOR ROBOTNIK'S THEME. So hot. It should be played for all James Bond movies because it fit so well. I-I've never played of the Sonic games, but the music was really awesome. :DDD

Metal Gear Solid Main Theme - I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED THE METAL GEAR SOLID SOUNDTRACKS. But the orchestral version makes me love it even more. O-Oh god, Ocelot and Raiden. XDDD

Blue Dragon Main Theme - This was chirpy and fun. I find the cutscene with the little green men being attacked at cartooney giant robot to be awesome. XDDD

Kingdom Hearts Suite - Sadly, I found this a tad boring because I've heard this suite like a gazillion times already. SOB. But still nice the way they blended three different songs together.

Final Fantasy VI Dancing Mad - This was Kefka's theme because only Kefka's theme could sound this INSANE. Lots of organ, but I got the feeling it dragged a bit. :S

INTERMISSION - I met fantasia0829 for the first time! This was very cool. XDDD And we were totally spazzing out over the tracks and games we played. D-dorks we are. :DDD

Daytona USA - This strikes me as ironic because the composer for Daytona USA is Japanese. And possibly the coolest composer I've ever met. He came in with his Sonic Doll and performed for us. It was so CUTE.

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi: DAYTONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (plonks piano)
Audience: :DDDDDDDDD

Then, he threw his Sonic Doll at the audience. Some guy got it and I noticed that his girlfriend gave him a huge hug. I'll assume he got laid that night. :DD

I GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH TOO. Even his autograph signing was dorky.

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi: SCRIBBLE (scribbles HARD)
Me:  XD

Crono Trigger and Crono Cross Suite - AH, THEY INCLUDED TIME'S SCAR.  SO COOL. Definitely my favourite part of the whole suite.

World of Warcraft Suite - Meh. Too epic and chorally for my taste, but the cut scenes were the bomb!

HALO Suite - The-the cutscenes made me slightly emo, but such an awesome theme! Not overdone, but still distinct and noticeable.

Castlevania Suite - OH GOD, they included cutscenes from Portrait of Ruin. I-I recognized the places and characters! And, they added Dracula's organ theme which never gets old. LOVE.

The Legend of Zelda Suite - This one was again, slightly disappointing because I already possessed the exactly same orchestral version they did. But the Ballad of the Wind Fish part was beautiful and made up for it. :D

Final Fantasy VII One Winged Angel - Guys, I'm telling you no matter how many times you hear this song, it's ten times better when you hear it live. XD

Revenge of the Shinobi Suite - This...was really nice, despite my expectations. Done by Yuzu Koshiro (I GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH TOO)

Then later on, Hong Loong and I got autographs. BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE. Awesome concert with awesome music. I wanna go again. DD:
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