water seeping


Okay guys, 'fess up. Where the heck are you all hiding? I know you're out there. DDD:

Also, I'll be gone on Tuesday and should be back by Sunday or so? Need to visit the grandparents, you see.

[feels lonely]
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Only you. I KNOW there are more people I know on the intarweb so where the heck are they?

Also, come over to take our sci fi books. Today if possible.
Ah, this is true. ;_____;

TODAY WHUT. Er. I have to ask the 'rents, lemme see. I'll call ya.
Prolly can't come today - we're all sleeping in, and are supposed to go do something for Fathers Day later. Although, if we happen to be in the Orchard area, I'll call you.

P.S. My cellphone is always on.