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back in the day my friend

I found some old quotes and school excerpts that I wrote down. I'm putting them here because if anything, I loved my Kodai teachers to death.

On the subject of religion -
Mr. Gibson: I'm Buddhist
Me: Christian
Ms. Swedien: I'm Musician
Me: Musician?
Ms. Swedien: I worship the great god Bach

When asking for water in the restaurant, remember to be patient -
Mr. Gibson: I want filtered water
Waiter: Plain water?
Mr. Gibson: Filtered water. Fil-tered water
Waiter: Aquafina?
Mr. Gibson: [slowly losing it] I want to know if the water is filtered!
Waiter: Filtered water?
Me: Why do you even bother?

On jobs -
Mr Dalal: I'm paid to talk.
Me: Can we pay you to shut up?
[ahaha, I was so mean]

On crushes/flushes -
Me: I think I like him.
Nova: So? What's wrong then?
Me: I think he's gay.
Nova: ....
[I wasn't kidding. I'm still unsure to this day. >.>]

On food -
Me: Tell me, should I order the coffee and ice-cream? What do you think Ms. Swedien?
Swedien: Don't. It's like an amoeba. An amoeba, I tell you.
Me: ...I know what an amoeba is, thank you.

And um, a poem done by Mr. Gibson for me.

If you let it...

Scared night
Time enclosing
Like a surface scored heart
Love flows in circles
if you let it

Burnt images
Always on my memory
a seared eye
Caught in truths eternal command
Love flows in circles
if you let it

A child's cry
A sudden awakening
A kiss
from the god of conviction
Forever bound to this rock
But love flows in circles
if you let it.

I always liked his poems. [feels slightly...teachersick?]
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