water seeping

return of the jedi. er, I mean timmy

Well, I can see a lot happened when I was away and a lot happened to me when I was away. I'll try and sum it up now since I need to sleep soon.

  • all those rumours about my grandfather's eventual death are greatly exaggerated. He's doing better than I thought.
  • Daniel Craig? IS SECRETLY A SEX GOD ON SCREEN. Seriously, I spent the entire time watching Casino Royale, going "he has nice eyelashes". EYELASHES. Since when did I ever notice eyelashes?
  • Whoever has already seen Transformers has EARNED MY UNDYING HATE. Just so you know.
  • I AM NOW A LIVEJOURNAL PERMANENT MEMBER! So, shower me with icons, cause I'm filling it up like crazy!
  • TALK TO ME. I'm incredibly lonely.
  • I bought clothes! Shocking!
  • I also bought some awesome new books. :DDD
  • Meet the Robinsons is made of wibble.
  • DC's Identity Crisis hurts. In fact, I think it's worse than Civil War. If that was even possible.
  • ....I need to scan some stuff for you guys. JUST.
  • I also feel the need to pimp canons! I will do that too.
Will write more later....[sob]
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Good! Long life to him!

Sex God? Okay, I liked him a lot as that Alex xhap in Tomb Raider. Hmm.

We waited for you. Coming this Sunday? We were also waiting for Mani, need to contact him.

Cool! I'd have gotten one if I didn't have such a history of being fickle. If I can stick with LJ for another year, I'll consider it, otherwise...

...pick up the phone, ye who only arrived back on my birthday. I'm too lazy to type if you're not having a crisis. No offense. ;P

Noooo. Was there a gun pointed to your head? ARE YOU OKAY???? SPEAK TO ME, SHORTARSE, SPEAK, FRIEND!!! *violently shakes Ayesha*
Actually, that's just fun to do...


Huh. Whatever. 'List of things to avoid'




Ooh. Invitation to pester. *salivates*
He is. Seriously. I normally don't notice hot males on screen (unless they're anime males), but he could make a straight man question his heterosexuality.


I use LJ all the time. So.

I'll call you. Not a crisis, really. Just tired from vacation.

NOT REALLY. Though my aunt had fun. Too much fun. >.>

Skulduggery Pleasant and Measuring the World

I got some interesting comic scans that I feel the need to share.

Welcome back! ^__^

Eh... was Transformers not good? I was thinking of watching it next week. It's my childhood memory come back! XD

I dunno yet. I have undying hate for people WHO HAVE ALREADY SEEN IT BEFORE I HAVE. I'm petty that way. :S