water seeping

I'm alive!!!!!!

I'm just here to tell everyone I'm still alive despite the fact the tsunami nearly hit mke when I was on vacation in Malaysia.

I'm one very lucky girl, you know?

Got FAKE the anime!!!!!!! And other stuff....
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that must have been scary didn t know u were in malaysia(truly asia)...
i was scared shittless cause i thought Xio was in indonesia but then i remembered she went to swtitzerland..anyways really sad what happened..thank God u r ok..

Pray tell... what other stuff?

BTW, made it to the net-cafe at 3:05 Indian Standard Time... I think that was about 5:35 your time, ne? We need to set up chatting hours or something...
Girl, ...what are you doing in Malaysia??? Why can´t you go to skiing like everyone else in December?
What I really want to say is, ...I´m glad that you´re still with the living. ^^ And No, I´m not jealous that you have the FAKE Anime, because I saw it once already. ^_^ But I hope you make some AMV´s with it. ^^

*gives you a bear-hug*