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Cover Song Music Post

So, after much weeding, I managed to pick a couple of cover songs to pimp to you guys. BUT THERE WERE SO MANY, so I've put them up on two zip files. XD

abingdon boys school - Dress: Who here remembers T.M Revolution, the kickass japanese rock/techno group? They did a cover song on the Trinity Blood Opening by Buck Tick. Except, y'know, their cover was better than the original. XD

KOKIA - Moonlight Shadow: I adore KOKIA and her voice. And she performs this cover brilliantly.

Cyndi Lauper - Unchained Melody: And there was Gareth Gates' version and there's this. I prefer this anyway. She's got a nice melancholic edge to her voice. Everyone needs to pick up her album at last. It's full of just cover songs.

Ryan Star - Losing My Religion: This song sounds more cynical and bitter when he sings, but he sings it so well! The harsh vocals really bring out the beauty in the lyrics.

Voltaire - Bachelor(ette): I love Voltaire who comes out with the most original gothic lyrical songs since Tom Lehrer. Here, the rendition of Bjork's Bachelorette is brilliant stronger and braver than the original.

Your Eyes Are Doves - Blaze of Glory: I love the original, but I love this more. Sharp dissonant acoustic sets this song apart on so many levels.

Tribute to Sublime - Date  Rape: Same song. Same lyrics. More rock n' roll!

Xentrix - Ghostbusters: With more heavy metal!

Travis - Hit Me Baby One More Time: I find that Britney Spear songs are done best by guys. Again, very distinctly Travis' style with the soft guitar and the somber tone he's famous for.

Sugarcult - I Melt With You: I have three different versions of this song. I finally decided that I like this one the best after ages of deciding (though the Josh Groban one is pretty nifty though)

Strawberry Slaughterhouse - Kids in America: Same problem. I knew tons of cover songs, but this was only rock type one I had. So I chose this one for originality.


Robert Plant - Song to the Siren: Like my other songs, I had the same problem of choosing which cover I wanted (I-I have like three different cover songs to the each original song. I THINK). But Robert Plant was definitely...sweeter.

Panic!At the Disco - Karma Police: I love Radiohead covers. This one is a personal favourite of mine.

Redefined - Travelin' Soldier: Let me tell you a secret. I hate country music. PASSIONATELY. But this cover of the Dixie Chicks has me wanting to check out country music all over again. It's completely sung in acapella.


Arlo Guthrie - Mr. Bojangles: I like the Robbie Williams version, but this one sounds homely. I picture listening to this song when I'm 80 or so.

Damien Rice - When Doves Cry: C'mon people. It's Damien Rice for lord's sake.

Dar Williams - Comfortably Numb: I find that every time someone mentions a big female artist like Sarah Mclachlan or Tori Amos, I feel like saying, "But what about Dar Williams?". I find that the new female artists are becoming better and better each day. Dar Williams is testament to that.

Emiliana Torrini - Sound of Silence: And so is Emiliana Torrini. Clear succinct voice, this song is another favourite of mine (which is weird because I love the original)

Groove Coverage - Poison: THIS IS FOR MISTY MAINLY. But Groove Coverage is a brilliant new band with a flair for vocal and techno.

Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats: I want a voice like his. Soft, gentle and utterly soothing. Great song to fall asleep to.


Low - Nowhere Man: I also hate Beatles cover songs because no one seems to be able to do them well. Except for this band. G__G.

Mark Ronson and Alex Greenwald: What, ANOTHER Radiohead Cover? So what? Trust me when you listen to this song, you won't believe it's Radiohead at all. XD

Maroon 5 - Highway to Hell: Sounds exactly like the original except LOUDER. XD

Off by One - Torn: "I'M ALL OUT OF FAITH" with male vocals and hard ROCK. I love this song.

Utada Hikaru - Boulevard of Broken Dreams: This song sounds it's on crack. I don't know if it's bad or good. I-I can't tell anymore. :D


Remember the rules to comment and snag. Otherwise, say goodbye to music posts

EDIT - Saw this on youtube.

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