water seeping

oh god, it's haunting me when I sleep.

So, I get some really bizarre dreams. This recent one takes the take.

Apparently I was Link and I was leaving the water temple (despite not finishing the boss). Epona could talk (Epona was bit of coward for some reason), Kairi was Princess Zelda and Dracula was there.

Yes, Dracula.

Then Dracula kidnapped Kairi, I went there, got attacked by a gazillion bats, ran away. Then Link got dancing lessons so that he could beat the Water Temple boss.


Yeah, I've got nothing.
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That's just it. I haven't gotten to the main boss just yet. I imagined him to be a fish or something.

This temple is driving me mad.

No, it's a lot worse than what I described it to be. I-I just can't remember all of it.