July 28th, 2004

water seeping


I've been so bored lately with school and all. so, I've gone to converting my Yu-Gi-Oh DVDs into MPEG format so I can use the footage. Now, despite how the English Dub has ruined the series for me, I can never get over the great shots I get of all the guys. There are a lot of beautiful Seto comtemplation scenes and even Joey has some nice shots. But the cream of the cake belongs to Yami and Marik who have *the* best shots I've seen in ages.

Hellsing also has some beautiful scenes to mess around with. The problem with it, is vthat its got subtitles and I can't edit them out. ;___;

After I finish ripping the Yu-Gi-Oh, I'll work on Cyborg 009 and Final Fantasy Unlimited. But, is it just me or does Mikenshi look a lot like Kai? (Except more feminine)

Can anyone give me some good english songs to download? Any artist or Song is fine. ^___^ I'm not picky, but I need new songs to experiment with.

Got Creative Writing today. Our teacher bases his system of teaching on ff.net, so I think I'll manage just fine. ^__^ Plus, Angy's in my class, so it's bound to get interesting.
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