July 29th, 2004

water seeping

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^__^ YAY! I finshed my video (with a little help form Angy)

The best thing about this video is that it is very yaoi-ish. Seriously!

The amount of Seto/Yami and Seto/Joey and Marik/Yami and Marik/Bakura makes it very intersting. Plus the song is an added help.

*gasps* I made my first yaoi music video!!

Now, f I could just find the Demolition Boy episodes...


Seto: Now I'm going to treat you like the dog you are.

Yuugi: Yeah, you tell him Yami! No way is he getting your hands on your puzzle!
Yami: -__- I just did.
Yuugi: ^^; Okay.
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