August 30th, 2004

water seeping

Field Trip

I'm baaaaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

Did you guys miss me?


>_< Apparently guys are so mean sometimes.

Field trip was ok. Spent most of my time hanging out with my Creative Writing teacher Mr. Gibson. Some weird things happened though....

For example, we were staying in a typical Indian village when Karan had a little 'encounter' with some poultry. ^_^

Karan: Hey chicken....
Me: Karan, that's a....
Karan: OW! It bit me!!!
Me: ....hen...

Also, the teachers are pretty not normal too...

Gibson: I'm Buddhist.
Swedien: Musician.
Me: Musician?
Swedien: I worship the great God Bach.
Me: ^^;;;

Also, I posted this on, but it didn't get very far, sad to say. Read and tell me if I should continue.

It's about our fave BB charas in an LoTR parody that is anything but normal.

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Someone, please say something!! I'm desperate
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