December 4th, 2004

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Went on the net to look up Get Backers.

Ginji/Ban rules! It's the ultimate fluff pairing!!

So I promptly went berserk and searched for Ginji/Ban fics.

I got a lot.

And some nice other shots as well. Yay for me!

Also, while I went berserk, Santa apparently saw my wish list and some of the stuff came true! I was finally able to get my Cowboy Bebop music! I was.....definitely in shock.

I also got the Hellsing soundtrack now that I've figured out how the downloads worked. Also the GetBackers and .Hack//SIGN...

*sighs* I'm so proud of myself.

I really, really want the Get Backers sseries. Surprsingly, the series isn't as big as it looks. Weird...

Scene from TMNT. I just found it funny.

Raphael: Well? Let's go!
Leonardo: Wait a second. They outnumber us. We need to use our heads.
Raphael: I guess that rules out Mikey.
Michaelangelo: Hmmm....if the civilians are let out, they would cause a lot of panic and disorder....
Raphael: Mikey had a good idea?
Leonardo: Mikey had a good idea.
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