December 8th, 2004

water seeping

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Trailers for sale or rent
Roads of unknown descent
No job, no pool, no pets...
I ain't got no cigarettes, no....

Beyblade Cast: We're back!

And here I was enjoying the peace.

Tyson: Which song was she singing now?

I've noticed that you guys only show up when I'm singing. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!

Kai: I think that song is "King of the Road"

Max: That's a really old song!

.....They completely ignored me.....

Rei: Hey Timmy?


Rei: What's with these new anime you've been watching so much lately? I haven't heard of them.

That's okay. Animax i just out and I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE it. I mean, a 24 hr anime channel. What more could you want? *in bliss*

Rei: Whose the guy who resembles Johnny?

Kai: Except nicer looking.

Tyson: No contest there people.

....That would be Keisuke (or Kisuki? ^^;; I'm not sure of th spelling) of the anime 'Hungry Heart Wild Striker'. It's a very typical anime, but Keisuke is so adamant and has an inferiority complex that gets in the way of his dreams that I've fallen in love with him!!!!

Kai: .....There's shounen-ai potential, isn't there?

How did you guess?

Kai: I've known you long enough to know.

Tyson: Amen.

Rei: And what's that anime?

That? That's Ultra Maniac which just got over today.

Tyson: That doesn't seem too great. And it doesn't have shounen-ai potential either.

I know. But I'm a sap and it was sappy so I went with it.

Kai: Sucker.

*sighs* Don't I know it....

Rei: What else?

....Wait a sec....why are you so interested?

Rei: *blushes* Well, you see there was this guy on one of the other anime.....

Kai: I don't believe it....

Tyson: Talk about cross-overs...

Wait, wait, WAIT! Rei....was this guy...well...did he have black/gold hair with gold eyes?

Rei: *shocked* How did you know?

Oh shit.

Tyson: Who is that?

Rei: I think his name is Otaru. *Sighs*

*They stare at him*

Kai: As in...Otaru Mamiya?

Rei: Uh-huh.

Tyson: Ummm...Rei? You'll have to give him up. 'Cause that guy has hordes of fangirls, three robust marionettes and a guy who is obsessed with him in an bad way.

Kai: A bad way? How?

Tyson: Watch it and you'll see.

I'll give you an example. He has pajamas of Otaru's face on them.

Kai: Youch.

On BOTH sides.

Kai: O__O NOW i'm in shock.

Tyson: That goes for the both of us.

I'm tired.



Beyblade Cast: Eep! *vanishes*

Thank god. Any longer I would have become a mass murderer....
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