April 6th, 2005

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Man...I should update my journal more regularly. Honestly....

Tyson: Yeah, you should. Bad girl...

Are you lecturing me?!

Rei: Nevermind that. Why are we here?

Emotional support.

Max: Why? did something happen?

That would be a understatement. A girl from my former school showed up recently. She's planning on joining here.

Kai: what's wrong with that?

...She hated my guts because I stole her best friend from here.

Tyson: Oh. That would be a good reason to worry.

Tell me about it. however, I won't be here when she ACTUALLY jions, so maybe I sohuldn't worry so much...

Kai: You still hate her guts, don't you?


Rei: Aren't you a touchy one..

This isn't funny. When I thought life couldn't get any worse, it DOES!!!!

Tyson: Calm down Timmy. I agree, you're reading too much into this...

Max: Yeah, chill okay?

...Fine....(stops hyperventilating)

Rei: Well, that's done. So, why are we here again?

I discovered something big.

Tyson: What?

Anime Potential Love Confessions.

Max: Really? From who?

Luffy and Zoro! And Vash and Wolfwood!

Kai: You're still on that Wolfwood high? You've been neglecting Author Adventure!

I know. Plus, some reviews of mine mysteriously disappeared. I think Fido ate them..

Tyson: *sighs* And it's so hard to get people to review these days...

All too true. At any rate, I have to work on so much stuff, but all I come up with is wolfwood!

Rei: Obsessed.

Max: Tell me about it.

Tyson: When did Zoro confess his love for Luffy?

In episode 24 when Mihawk messed with Zoro. Trust me, it WAS a love confession. ^___^

Kai: And Wolfwood and Vash?

That was deeper. Because Wolfwood insinuated he liked Milly, but then he said, "Because you are just like her."

Rei: That is rather telling.

Uh huh. At any rate, untill the Wolfwood high vanishes, I doubt I'll write anything else..

BB cast: Fine *vanishes*

;___; Is it too much to say goodbye before you leave?
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