April 14th, 2005

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I got Saiyuki!!!! I'm a happy fangirl I am! Very happy fangirl!!! ^____^ See my happy smile!!!

BB cast: O__O;; She's lost it!

Aren't I a happy fangirl?!! I'M A HAPPY FANGIRL DAMNIT!!!

Tyson: *shrinks in fear* Ummm...Timmy, are you..okay?

Kai: What kinda question is that? She's mental? She' finally lost every bit of sanity!

Rei: Isn't that taking it a little too far?

Kai: Maybe, but authors are never sane. They like crossdressing people.

Max: But Timmy's never made us crossdress.

Kai: *mutters* There's always a first time.

And after re-entering the Beyblade fanfiction area, my tiny one-shot got ten review. O_O;;; In one day!!!

Honestly, I was in shock. I was expecting aroudn three or something....

Tyson: *looks at it* So even after not visiting this section for god-only-knows how long, you still come on top don't you?

Well, there were some new reviewers...and some old ones....

Kai: New blood huh? I noticed that the TyKa movement has grown quite considerably.

Tyson: Yeah, there were at least five TyKa stories on one page. Glay must have been proud.


Max: So, what's this?

A Yu-Gi-Oh story I'm not sure how to conclude....

Kai: *impatient* Well, put it up!

...Slave driver...

Collapse )

Tyson: How odd. There were no pairings involved.

I know. I think I messed it up.
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