May 13th, 2005

water seeping

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First Exam: complete

Five more to go...

someone help me!! ;__; I don't think I can live through this. Everytime I study, I get so easily distracted! Especially when I have 40 episodes of Saiyuki, the entire Cowboy Bebop series, Outlaw Star, Hikaru no Go....

Help me....the anime is tempting me....spare me!!!! I need to pass tenth grade, damnit!

BBB cast: Hello!

...this wasn't the kind of saving I needed.

Tyson: So rude. So, back to writing TyKa?

It was just an experiment I wanted to try. Suddenly, the reviewers are jumping! I've already reached 90 at six chapters! Do I really write that well when I DON'T try?

Kai: Apparently. But why am I a sap in this one?

You mean, you aren't a sap?

Kai: Kechi.

And proud of it too. At any rate, you are the sappiest of the lot with the whole angst-angst-angst routine. Tyson is mentally stable at least.

Tyson: Go me!

...but he lacks the basic intelligence.

Tyson: ...I have to agree with Kai. Kechi.

Kai: Since when has she ever been nice to us?

Rei: And you've made me into some bad-guy!

....that's not true and you know it.

Kai: (mutters) At least Rei is somewhat in character.


Kai: What?

Shut up before I do something drastic?

Kai: Such as?

I'll sic Hakkai on you.

Hakkai: ....what did I ever do to you?

Kai: Look at me trembling. That monocle guy has struck fear in my heart.

Hakkai (looks like his youkai self): The monocle guy?

...bad move Kai.

Tyson: (sighs) say that your new story has a happy ending.


Tyson: Oh dear... guarantees okay?

Tyson: That's a 'no'.


Tyson: You don't like happy endings, do you?

Tyson: Thought so.

Rei: Aren't any of you'll going to save Kai? He's getting his ass kicked by Hakkai.

His fault. who told Kai to provoke him? And why else would I sic Hakkai on him? Hakkai is creepy when he's mad!

Tyson: WELL, it IS Kai's fault.

Kai (bruised and battered): Thanks for the support Tyson.

Tyson: No problem. time, you do well not to bug me.

Kai: Yes ma'am.
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