June 4th, 2005

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I need to shift all my work from one laptop to another laptop. Why? 'Cause my dad was feeling reckless and thought he could waste money buying me a new laptop even though I DIDN'T ASK FOR ONE.

And he's going to hold it over my head 'till I get out of school and get into college.

Fuck, sooner or later I really have to start bothering about this. ><

Still doing crack pairings. ^__^ Thought you'd want to see the rest. For those who don't know, this is an example

Sanzo x Hakkai

Sanzo: *glare*
Hakkai: *smile*
Sanzo: *glare*
Hakkai: *smile*
Sanzo: *shoots him*
Hakkai: X____x
Sanzo: Much better.

Konzen x Goku

Goku: Ne Konzen…
Konzen: Nanda?
Goku: What does pedophilia mean?
Konzen: …come back in twenty years and I’ll tell you.

Harry Potter x Ron Weasley

Harry: Ron, you’re my best friend, that’s why I fell in love with you.
Ron: …Blimey. I’m pretty sure J.K was not expecting THAT.
Harry: J.K Rowling did not expect this kind of fanfiction either

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I feel the urge to post fics. Why? I'm bored, simple enough. Stuck with my parents for the vacation (and the rest of my life) doesn't sound very nice.
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