June 25th, 2005

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I was just wondering if there were any 'Treasure Planet' fans out there. There were some interesting conversations I had the urge to note down.

Sarah: Dilbert, tell him it's a ridiculous idea
Dilbert: It's absolutely preposterous, traversing the galaxy on your own!
Sarah: At last we hear some sense (aiming superior looks at Jim)
Dilbert: That's why I'm coming with you.
Sarah: Dilbert!

Sarah: You're not serious.
Dilbert: All my life I've wanting to go on an adventure, and here it comes screaming; Go Dilbert, Go Dilber, Go Dilbert! (dances)
Sarah: >< Okay, you're both grounded!

Dilbert: Sarah, you said it yourself. You've tried everything! There are much worst remedies than a few months of character building in space.
Sarah: Are you saying that because it's the right thing, or because you really want to go.
Dilbert: I really really want to go--and it's the right thing.  

Amelia: Gents, we have to stick together and--(collapses)
Dilbert: What?! WHAT?! We must stick together and WHAT?!
Amelia: Doctor...you have wonderful eyes...
Dilbert: O_O;;; She's lost her mind!
Jim: Well, can't you help her?
Dilbert: Dang it Jim, I'm an astronomer, not a doctor. I mean, I am a doctor, just not that kind of doctor. You can't help anyone like that kind of doctor. You just sit there and you're useless! (says this all very fast)
Jim: ...Take it easy doc...it'll be okay

^___^  Dilbert is so cute when he tries to act all cool. Still, as a Disney film, Treasure Planet is one of the best. Dilbert reminds me of Briggs from Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

(When Briggs escapes)

Briggs: Oh shoot, it's Felix!
Chaucha: Oh come on. You're so far away. What's he going to do, swim?
Briggs: OH yeah... (Briggs is genetically slow on the uptake)
Chaucha: Aren't you going to do it?
Briggs: Do what?
Chaucha: Don't you remember? It's all you talked about in prison!!
Briggs: Oh, that. Hey Felix!
Felix: ....
Neener neener (stick his tongue out)
Felix: (Sweatdrops)
Chaucha: That's all?!
Briggs: But Chaucha, he's really scary..
Chaucha: You made an oath! Besides, he can't do anything.
Briggs: Allright. Felix! Keep Alhafra safe from thieves and dirty politicians! Neener Neener BLEEAH!
Felix: ....
Don't overdo it. If you make him too angry, he might chase us all the way back home!

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