July 1st, 2005

water seeping

Memes galore

glinked these off illinaka and asa_chan. </span>


1. Saiyuki Reload
2. Bleach
3. Full Metal Alchemist
4. Mythical Detective Loki
5. X/1999

5 manga that entertained you the most

1. Bleach- Kubo Tite just keeps adding twist after twist. It's crazy.
3. Mythical Detective Loki
4. Saiyuki Reload
5. Yu Yu Hakusho

Top 5 manga that made you say "eww... THAT'S XXX MINUTES OF MY LIFE THAT I'LL NEVER GET BACK!"

1. Gundam Wing- Just what did they do to the plot when they were squeezing it into a comic?!
and that's all. What? I'm deprived, I don't get my hands on so much manga!

List your top 5 favourite mangaka!

1. Kubo Tite- creator of Bleach
2. CLAMP- creator of Tsubasa, XXxholic, Cardcaptors and a lot more...
3. Minekura Kazuya- Saiyuki
4. Toriyama Akira- need you ask?
5. Togashi Yoshihiro- Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter

List 5 manga that you liked in the beginning and lost interest as time goes on:

1. Prince of Tennis
2. Rurouni Kenshin -sad, but true..
3. Ultra Maniac
4. Kingdom Hearts
5. Yu-Gi-Oh!

List your top 5 favourite short/one shot manga:

1. Gundam Seed- only five volumes! Now, I have to wait for Destiny to come out...
And no others...I don't have that much access to manga...

List the top 5 manga that you love&hate at the same time:

1. Mythical Detective Loki -the author follows a plotline unknown to the readers themselves...>>
2. X/1999 -because it isn't complete!!
3. Bleach- the plot twists keep you hooked.
And no others...same answer as above... ;_; I want more manga...

List top 5 manga that you think are great, but never remember/bother to finish/continue:

1. One Piece
2. Saiyuki
3. Dr. Slump
4. Hikaru no Go
5. Hunter x Hunter

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On a happier note, I bought Gundam 08th MS Team for only 30 Sing dollars. Hurray for the Singaporean sale! 


Your Saiyuki Sex Toy
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XD That's just amusing.
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