July 5th, 2005

water seeping

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I leave for like, three days off the lj and I'm flooded by my friend's entries. My week was good though. I Found a great anime wallpaper store. One wallpaper costs 3 Sing dollars and it's filled with Naruto, Bleach, Prince of Tennis, Full Metal Alchemist, Fruits Baskets, Cardcaptors and lots more. Planning to go tomorrow and waste my pocket money. Also debating whether I should pick up Saiyuki poker cards. XD Hakkai, eat your heart out!

But god, am I tired. Went to Takashimaya, came back, then went to Far East plaza for lunch. I swear my mom has her priorities messed up. Yesterday, it was American food (how do they eat such big helpings? Are they related to whales?. Before that, it was pizza (italian). Before that as well, I think it was sushi and beef bowls and japanese burgers. Not to mention the cold coffee drinks.

I think my mom wants to live a fast food life. Why? I'm not quite sure myself. I'm at a loss. XD

Got the car driving books and must start studying if I want my license. Witch Hunter Robin has started (in original japanese and english subtitles. Animax does get somethings right on occasion) and I like Amon. I have no idea why, but I like Amon. ^_^ He's something undescribable.

Read the next Tsubasa and I swear Seishirou is creepy. CLAMP made Subaru and Hokuto vampires and Seishirou is hunting them down. O___O I was at a loss of words and I was wondering what would happen next.

Mythical Detective Loki is finally looking up! Narugami's a impoverished geek, Heimdall is mad and Freyr is unusually nice and loveable. Freya just adds spice in it and now that Fenrir is here, Yamino is feeling perky. I think I'll attempt writing fanfiction in that area.