July 10th, 2005

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Is it just me or is Gojyo eyeing Goku in the Reload poster I just bought. O__O Look, he's eyeing him! Ne, Goku belongs to Sanzo! XD And only Homura is allowed to share.

Most interesting facts about Saiyuki poker cards I feel the need to share. XD

-The only actual screencap pictures in the cards are from one episode: Episode 39 where Sanzo and Goku fight and Homura chains Goku to the wall. XD My favourite episode!
-Sanzo is the poster boy for the 3 and 9 of hearts. (hint)(hint)
-Gojyo and Hakkai feature on 5 of hearts. And it says, "Be there"
-Gojyo is on 8 of diamonds. Along with Kenren Taishou
-Sanzo is the King of Hearts. XD XD XD
-There are shots from Requiem. And everytime Goku's back faces Sanzo, Sanzo is eyeing him. In all the Requiem cards!

Needless to say, I am very happy with my Saiyuki poker cards. Maybe I'll scan them late. XD
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