July 21st, 2005

water seeping

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NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Amon you can't die! You're the whole reason I watch this show! And you have to come back!!! Come back!!! What aboutt Robin? Actually forget Robin. What about meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

*sobs bitterly*

Yeah, I think I'll grieve for a while...;__; Amon...
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water seeping

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Something I found amusing today.

Danny: Why don't we sue God?
Me: God has many, many lawyers so it wouldn't work
Danny: Okay, what about the devil?
Me: He has more. XD

Danny: Those are nachos right? Just not a very badly made building?
Me: Can't say. Let me try and destroy the infrastructure to find out.

Nikhil: How can you eat so little?
Me: If I ate as much as you did, I'd look like an American.

Muma: Okay, I want you to use the treadmill for 30 minutes, okay?
Me: But it says here "max usage; 20 minutes"
Muma: That's okay. No one's here.
Me: O_O....I see....

From a fic I read today (Name: Are They? by Keinami)

Ginji: But- but Ban-chan! How could I even think that? They’ve been my friends for years; they would have told me if they were like- like that! That would be saying you and I are…
(share knowing look)
Ban: Argh! But who would think that about us?
Ginji: I can’t believe you’d think it about Kazu-chan and Juubei!
Ban: I can’t believe you haven’t! They seem like the kind of guys who would be into that kind of stuff!
Ginji:Into that kind of stuff! Ban-chan, they’re Kazu-chan and Juubei!

(Kazuki and Juubei enter)

Ban: I think you guys are straight.
Kazuki: What? How could you think we were straight?
Ban: Well, there was the whole thing with Ren...
Kazuki: Ren? She’s thirteen. That’s disgusting! How could you even think that?
Paul: Yeah Ban. What weird ideas you seem to be having?
Ban: I guess it was kinda ridiculous...

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