August 5th, 2005

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I feel like ranting about Hazel and Sanzo. Hazel is a follower of the Sanzo-obsessed fanclub. And I keep thinking of people like Shuuei (come to think of it, Hazel is a LOT like Shuuei....) and Dougan. But what I found most interesting is the way Sanzo turned him down.

Here the conversation (Hazel being the obsessive Bitch and Sanzo being the Drama Queen)

Obsessive Bitch: You know, you could come with us. Since we share similar pasts. I can "sympathize" with you.
Drama Queen: No way I'm travelling with a madman.
Obsessive Bitch: (steam coming out of his ears)

I admit I like Hazel to some degree, but this obsession of Sanzo has got to stop.

I recommend any anime fan out there to watch GTO. Because it represents school life to all of us. And the way it's portrayed is excellent. It's a classic anime and one really worth watching at least once.

Witch Hunter Robin just got over here and Lunar Legend Tsukihime is about to start. I think I need to buy more anime otherwise I'll watch Loki Ragnarok again.

My dad is spoiling me throughly.

Dad: Here's your new printer/scanner/fax machine
Me: O_O I beg your pardon, WHAT?!
Dad: Well, you'll need it for school.
Me: >> I feel like a spoiled child. It's all your fault if I grow up stupid.
Dad: ^_^

>> Maybe I'll actually use it and put those pictures I have to good use. Also, all your Chronicles of Narnia fans, you have to see the movie. The trailers are awesome! Unfortunately, I can't share them with you because my dad would blow a gasket (and more) for sharing top secret trailers and info with you guys. Gomen nasai.
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