August 6th, 2005

water seeping

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I want to give Goku a large hug. ;__; And I think I will kill Hazel in a story just to make myself better.

(mutters about Sanzo being a complete ass in episode 20)
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water seeping

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We have officially bought a Golden Retriever. We are going to pick it up in two weeks time. The name has been decided (sort of) and I'm having a private laugh about it. XD

First, we thought we could name it SriVastav (all Indians should get this XD)

Dad: The dog's name is going to be SriVastav!
Me: O_O;;; You can't be serious. What will our neighhbours say?
Dad: They'd probably laugh.
Me: And call you mad.
Mom: I think the Golden Retriever's female.
Me: SriVastav the female Golden Retriever. XD
Dad: Catchy.

Then, we decided to name it Alia ( angevar will explain why I found this funny. XD)

Dad: How about Alia?
Me: O_O;;; ....XD Sure.
Dad: What's wrong with Alia?
Me: XD ....Nothing
Dad: So Alia is a good name?
Me: Sure .....(dies)

The dog sleeps in my room. I'm sure I'll manage with the smell. XD My brother is pissed about that, but I hardly care about his opinion. I will go to SimLim tomorrow for new anime! XD I need my anime damn it!
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