August 8th, 2005

water seeping

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Right, so today, I did my orientation today. Freaking 100 kids there. O__O;; Big school, big enough to get lost in. Weird people, weird day. I'm beat, but I need my music.

Guide #1: this is the gym.
Guide #2: No, the gym is that way.
Guide #1: >> Are you sure?
The rest of us: O___O;;
Me: >> I'm buying a compass and a map.

Shashquil: Hello.
Namreen: Hey.
Natasha: This girl is a boarder here.
Shashquil: What's a model doing here?
Natasha: >> BOARDER, Shashquil
Namreen: O__O;;;

Adrian: I know my "buddies" well.
Namgya: >> Really. What's her favourite colour?
Adrian: I haven't gotten there yet.
Me: ....

Namgya: good luck!
Me: O__O;;; for what?
Namgya: No reason. ^__^
Me: ...

Ritika: (rants) Why didn't we get buddies? Why didn't anyone help us out when we were here?
Me: ....I'm sorry?

Tanguy: Hey...
Me: ...XD
Mr. Webster: Tangay? Tanghay?
Tanguy: It's pronounced Taun-gii
Me: Tangay. (dies)

(You wouldn't get this unless you've seen the French film "Tanguy")
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