August 10th, 2005

water seeping

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Alrighty then! ^_____________________________^

I love my new school! I have found my brethren! My anime fans! We're gonna live happily in the anime world forever!!!!!!!


One of them has an LJ, so I friended her. Then we all exchanged e-mails and swore anime-love forever.

Okay, not quite like that, but close. ^^;;; Relja thought we were mad and started screaming in horror. But he's a sweet guy and he helped me around a lot. Must give him goodies for that.

I finally went to Simlim. Though there was tons of anime including the elusive shadow skill, I went and bought the complete set of Saiyuki Reload. It came cheap too. The complete Yu-Gi-Oh! is on sale, but I wouldn't buy it because it's way above my price range. Witch Hunter Robin was on sale too, but I've seen the show on T.V and I didn't think I'd watch it again. If I ever do, it'll be just for Amon.

I hope Emir talked to his friend about lending me that Full Metal Alchemist set....