August 29th, 2005

water seeping

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Today, I witnessed the unravelling of my psyche. It was painful, it did hurrt a lot and in the end, I did want to bawl out my eyes and cry. Because you hate yourself for not seeing it sooner. I knew this sort of thing existed. Actually, everyone KNOWS it exists. We just choose not to look at it in our lives.

Today, I just saw too much for my own good.

Social Services was not supposed to be easy. Heck, it's not even supposed to be nice. But when I entered the complex and saw those people. God, I don't think I've ever felt this sick before. And it's sad and I hate myself because I never saw this before. And I would have paid in gold to erase that moment. I feel like an evil child. An evil person who chose to be dumb when it came to issues like these.

I hate myself so much right now. I kept praying that I'd be taken away so I could close my eyes and cry.

It was horrible. Not because the people were bad, but I was a bad person. I could feel my own self-loathing choke me when I left.

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Rhea (or also spelled Ria) was with us yesterday. She seems okay, but she's all "SAS this, SAS that". I swear, I was sick of SAS after that. I'm glad I didn't go there. And the way she was checking out guys. Libido anyone? I'm not dissing here Nat, but didn't you find this a teensy bit annoying?