August 31st, 2005

water seeping

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Doing sexual/erotica poems in school for english was more interesting than I thought it was. Also, Shakespeare is so very GAY.

Life is fine. My dog Ella has given me bruises and we watched Fantasia yesterday. I swear, I love the T-Rex in the movie. When I was a kid, he scared the hell out of me, but I couldn't help thinking "Wow...he's cool"

>> Only I would think a five storey (or is it three or two?) lizard with fangs the size of a lift would be cool.

I'm dying to see the Corpse Bride. Tim Burton is a genius (it's TRUE) and the Chocolate factory movie was fun to watch (unfortunately, I seemed to have a fixation on chocolate since that movie)

I might take Mahjong as my activity. I wonder what Hakkai would say. Or Goku for that matter? XD