September 7th, 2005

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List 20 of your current favourite fictional character pairings (het, slash, canon or otherwise) in no particular order and then tag 4 people to do the same.

oookaaay...lezze what we have here...

1) Tyson x Kai (beyblade): My first yaoi pairing and still going strong.
2) Vash x Wolfwood (trigun): ....*dies when reading manga*
3) Ban x Ginji (Getbackers): what, canon? THIS IS CANON
4) Sanzo x Goku (saiyuki): See above. Nat, if you say anything otherwise, I will release all unholy hell on you.
5) Homura x Goku (saiyuki): I...just love this pairing. It has everything.
6) Ichigo x Rukia (Bleach): One of the very few het. pairings I love.
7) Ryu x Kyu (tantei gakuen Q): Hello? They share a bed? Together? (though I do wonder why the director made it that way)
8) Eliwood x Hector: A lovely star-crossed pairing
9) Hakkai x Gojyo (or Gojyo x Hakkai) (Saiyuki): ....I just like it?
10) Isaac x Felix (Golden Sun): My loveCRACK
11) Juubei x Kazuki (getbackers): also Canon.
12) Loki x Spica (matantei loki ragnarok): ...well, she WAS the mother of his children. That counts right?
13) Loki x Heimdall (matantei loki ragnarok): Heimdall certainly likes Loki (read the manga)
14) Loki x Odin (matantei loki ragnarok): Loki is a child-slut. XD it's true.
15) Albert x Franz (gankutsuou): Just watching the first two episodes got me hooked onto this pairing
16) Kaneda x Tetsuo (akira): It does exist. I think...
17) Van x Hitomi (escaflowne): Another favourite het pairing
18) Kamui x Fuuma (X): Molestation is a form of courtship XD
19) Rei x Mina (Sailor Moon): This is also Canon. If you have read the manga like moi.
20) Roy x Ed (full metal alchemist): Okay, I like reading this pairing. Nothing beyond that. Honestly.

I tag:

illianaka;  little_leila , asa_chan , evilstorm
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