September 25th, 2005

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Oh my god....

campfuckudie has killed my brain. Cal and Sanzo? Sanzo? X____x Truly brainbreaking. And poor Wes. XD

Anyway, interesting bit of info on Saiyuki Reload. The Kami-sama arc is actually in Saiyuki. I was in shock for a while (and realized that a lot of my money is going to go in buying the rest of the manga which is damn expensive)

Also, I have officially bought Sanami Matoh's latest Shounen-ai manga "Untill the Full Moon". We have a Ryo (Marlo) and a Dee (David) and a somewhat-Bikky (Kim) who is David's servant (Which I found very funny XD)

Dee: Oh, revenge is so sweet.
Bikky: .....why me?

at any rate, it's about a half-werewolf-vampire (now that's something you don't see everyday) who turns into a woman everytime there is a full moon (and she actually presents a logical explanation as to why this happens). The parents' solution to this problem? MARRIAGE BETWEEN DAVID AND MARLO (who is now called Marlene by his parents).

Marlo is not-so-happy and David is a VERY happy vampire (hintDEE'SGREATESTDREAMhint), but as time goes on, Marlo accepts David (sooner than Ryo did, which is why I like Marlo better XD). But I liked it. It still has the nice humourous flavour to it and some very Ranma-ish humour (David: Are you really a girl? [peeps into her/his shirt] Marlo: hits him Ryo style)

Will buy the rest when they come out.