October 12th, 2005

water seeping

(no subject)

Okay, I have over a 100 Sing dollars to spend off And I'll get more later. So, I'm thinking, what should I waste my money on?

1) The Tintin series set (because I am a hopeless die-hard fan)
2) The Transformers Armada set (because I need to Hotshot/everyone CRACK and Optimus/Jetfire)
3) LOOK HARD AND HIGH FOR THOSE DAMN SAIYUKI ARTBOOKS (because Chuangyi is being lazy and not putting out the Saiyuki Reload manga)
4) Buy more Saiyuki or Get Backers manga (why are they so friggin' expensive?)


5) Ask my parents to use paypal so I can finally get a paid account at LJ (because frankly, I spend way too much time on this thing)

Do help out.