November 8th, 2005

water seeping

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Yes, well, I've been wanting to put up a fic here for a while now. Might as well do it.

One of my latest projects. Probably won't be up for a long while, but I guarateed when it's close to completion I'll start posting (and still end up as a procrastinator)

Here we go!

TITLE: Pyrrhic Defeat
RATING: PG? oh and Shounen-ai
PAIRINGS: Hints of past TyKa and the other is a surprise.
SUMMARY: A lone stranger knocks on the door, journal in hand.

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Chapter three is still WIP. (like most of my stories) but lesse.

TITLE: Lie like the Dead
FANDOM: Harry Potter (yes, I wrote an HP fic! Scary ne?)

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YAY! Yes, my sanity is questionable. S'okay. ^^. And I've been struggling with the stupid overrides. HTML hates me.
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water seeping

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Big thanks to Viola for helping me with the layout~! Love you~

Because of the big help you gave me, I shall put up some very pretty scans for you to mess around with~!

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