March 29th, 2006

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My brother....has become...a fanboy.

Yes, you heard me, a fanboy.

I shall explain in detail now.

We were watching Beyblade -

Me: *watches at horrible yet so fascinating English Dub*
Nik: Tala loves Daichi!
Me: *stops* *dies* *is resurrected* WHAT?
Nik: Well, you see, Tala loves Daichi, but Daichi loves Tyson and Tyson hates Tala.
Me: ...*dies again*
Nik: *makes obscene phone call noises*
Me: *no hopes for resurrection here*

And later on

Nik: Your clothes are so drab.
Me: *check clothes. They're actually fine* Are you sure you're not a gay in denial?

And my mom drove us to Great World. WHY I don't understand considering it takes us like five minutes to walk there.

EDIT: UTADA HIKARU SINGING GREEN DAY. Tell me that isn't messed up. XD
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