June 25th, 2006

water seeping

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TITLE: Dreaming
FANDOM: Kingdom Hearts
PAIRING: Axel x Roxas
NOTES: Sora-centric

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I was reading some journals on the Kingdom Hearts 2 and I realized how extremely SAD some of the characters were. Roxas, Axel, even Demyx for that matter, really wanted nothing to do with Xemnas' plan. And Sora...I love Sora, but honestly... I feel like hitting the guy sometimes.
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water seeping

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Jeeta's Birthday

1) Jurong East
2) Cathay Cineleisure
3) possibly the American Club
28 of June
29 of June
Time: ??
POA (Plan Of Action):
1) Ice Skating + Movie/Gaming (1 vote)
2) Gaming + Movie
3) Bowling + Arcade

Movie - Superman Returns comes out on the 28th

Striked out Gaming because we just did that last week and the week before.
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