July 22nd, 2006

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SLADE IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!


And still the KING OF ALL BASTARDS!!!


Just to clarify, the third season of Teen Titans just started. So, the Teen Titans just beat the Brotherhood of Evil (which consisted of a brain, a monkey and a rubber girl). They just got back home and Terra comes back.

As a highschool girl with no memories. Beast Boy broke my heart here. T___T

Beast Boy: But you don't belong here. You're a Teen Titan!
Terra: No, you're the Teen Titan. I'm just a girl who has a geometry test next period.


But Slade is alive!! My brother thought I was mad.

Me: *watching Slade take on Beast Boy* Go Slade go!
Bro: You're cheering the bad guy?
Me: C'mon Slade!
Bro: *rolls eyes*

And I love my dad (and hate him for putting this time limit on me)

Me: so, we're getting a DS right?
Dad: No.
Me and Bro: T__T
Dad: We're getting a DS light.
Me and Bro: XD

Dad: so, we're building a game institute.
Me: Huh?
Dad: To teach people how to become gamers.
Dad: I'm part of the team.
Me:....You're amazing, you know that?

EDIT: Apparently there are Anti-Winry communities out there. I'll be in the corner sobbing for my fandom.