August 18th, 2006

water seeping

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Title: Fairytale Monologue
Fandom: Princess Tutu
Pairing: hints of Ahiru/Fakir and Rue/Mytho
Notes: Random babbling. Don't expect a concrete story. Also "mukashi, mukashi" translates into "once upon a time..."

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Princess Tutu canon pimping will come later hopefully
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water seeping

Princess Tutu Pimping Post

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Shounen-ai? What shounen-ai? XD

If you want to watch the anime, go here This post has all the links to every episode in the entire series. I suggest you go now otherwise the links will be gone soon.

Ritsuko Okazaki - Morning Grace - is the opening song. *___* IT IS SO PRETTY AND I RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO SNAG THIS SONG. REALLY. IT IS LOVE.

International Symphony - Pas De Deux - One of the main songs used in Princess Tutu (only one mind you. I lost track of the amount of classical music used in this anime O__O) and a really nice instrumental track. Easy listening.

Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky - Dance of the Little Swans - aka Ahiru's secret theme song.

Holst - Mars, Bringer of War - I see this song as the climax song for the prince and the raven. It's got that thunderous epic quality about it.

Should one of the downloads die, please tell me.
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