September 18th, 2006

water seeping

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Why Fakir is amazing

Ahiru (getting ready to confess to Mytho) - umm, you know, I am, I mean, uhhh...
Fakir (rolls eyes) - Princess Tutu!
Ahiru - O______O QUACK! *turns into a duck*
Fakir - *steps in front of her* flying in the sky *point to the sky*
Mytho - (confused) I don't see anything
Fakir - Maybe it's an alligator.
Mytho - ...Anyway, aren't Princess Tutu and an alligator two different things?
Mytho - Fakir?
Fakir - Must have been my imagination. Although I'm sure I saw something that looked like a flying cow...
Mytho - Cow?
Fakir - Nevermind.

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