October 14th, 2006

water seeping


I needed to do this. HOLIDAYS = OMG YAY.

No Gowri, it isn't Hanukkah. XD

Music Pimp Post The Second

can/goo - Kao
-this song is from the ending theme of Meine Liebe and it's scarily catchy. I-I can't stop listening to it. :D

HIMEKAMI - Exceeding Love
-if you love instrumental and tribalish music, this is a must-snag.

Yuki Kajiura - The Image Theme of Xenosaga II
-pretty mix of instrumental and vocal. I didn't feel like uploading "Sweet Song", but this is a close second to that track.

Skye Sweetnam - Sharada
-This is really addictive rock song that is made of awesome. Expect no other description from me. XD

Chieco Kawabe - Cry Baby
-anyone remember the song Haruhi sang in Ouran 19 when she was with the Lobelia school production? that would be this song right here. Pretty vocals and easy tune to listen to, this one is my favourite.

Kevin Stephens, trickwaters - Fire Emblem for Piano F# Minor OC REMIX
-lovely piano piece. Take it if you simply like piano.


Gregorio Allegri - Miserere Mei
-awesome choir music. Great for clearing your mind

Plz comment if taking. It takes a lot out of me to post up songs and it would nice if people appreciated it.

hint, hint - Go watch Pumpkin Scissors. IT IS WIN.
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water seeping

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Bought some manga yesterday since it's been like, four months. >.> I.B SUCKS YOUR FREE TIME.

What I got

Count Cain #1 -Forgotten Juliet- (I couldn't find the Godchild saga, so I got this instead)
Ouran #7 (Satoshi is love. So much love. WHY WASN'T SATOSHI IN THE ANIME!!! D:)
Bus Gamer #1 (with pilot chapters. :D)

I rather enjoyed the Tokyopop Bus Gamer than the scans I already have. The dialogue was just so much cooler. "Meat flute" XD XD.

I'm thinking of stopping LAN gaming because it kills my head like a hammer would. And it's getting worse.
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