October 22nd, 2006

water seeping

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My Shadow Skill torrent.

Is finished.

26 episodes are sitting in my hard drive.

And it's taking all of my self-control not to watch them.


Other than that, making very slow progress with work. And I need to figure out Bangkok's video shops (not pirated stuff OBVIOUSLY) so I can do some anime buying.

Plus, my mom has given me the green light to use her card to buy music. Soundbuzz rocks for cheap music, good Sing prices and a lot of variety. :D I recommend anyone living in Sing to use it. Plus, you have a download history, so if you 1) lose 2) accidentally delete 3) need more space on harddrive, you can always download it again for free. Which is awesome.
water seeping

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I had forgotten what complete retards Gau and Elle are together.

They're the only characters I know who would read a love letter and assume it's someone trying to frame them for murder. XD


HOW THE HELL DID I MISS THIS? O__O;;; And wtf Lo/Gau is not going to be my OTP. NOT. I SWEAR D:. Shut up, I know I'm in denial
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water seeping

Why I hate Hector's Game

Hector - So how much?
Farina - 20,000 gold
Hector - You're joking right?
Me - Please tell the man you're joking.
Farina - Nope. Covers medical, family expenses, etc, etc.
Me - Give me a gun, I'll kill her myself
Farina - *flies away*
Me - Bitch

I think I should give up.