October 29th, 2006

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Hey, guess who's back?

Things about Bangkok and my relatives I never knew -

1) not enough good games. T__T

2) Apparently, my cousin grew his hair and went to India, where everyone promptly asked him if he was a girl. ....Yeah, can't see how that happened.

3) My younger cousin is 13, but still a brat. It's good to know some things haven't changed over five years.

4) Central Mall = "You can check out any time of year, but you can never leave"

5) Got a Death Note poster :D

6) Actually did some clothes shopping. got the most AWESOME T-shirts in the history of mankind. No seriously. They were so good that I went back and bought more. For nine Sing. Very good price.

7) Lots of Halloween sales. Dude, they were selling scythes and axes. Iluvu bangkok.

8) Lots of manga and anime....in Thai.

9) My cousins don't read. I'm very worried.

10) Their school don't use notebooks. They use tablet computers. The hell.

11) New fave KKM pairing = Conrad x Julia x Adelbert. I.I don't know why. :D

12) KKM has ripped off a lot of stuff from Cowboy Bebop. AND I CAN PROVE IT.

13) Bangkok food courts look like some kind of posh bars. They. they have jazz bands and waiters. O_O

14) Kali-chan, give me a little longer. I'll upload the soundtracks soon.

15) Dear Chuangyi,

Please translate Saiyuki Reload 7 soon. Otherwise I think Tokyopop might actually CATCH up to us.

No Love,

16) Still in love with Shadow Skill. But I suppose I should now try to hunt down Steam Detectives. And You're Under Arrest.

17)Raven x Lucius still win the award for the most gay in a game.

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water seeping

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Yes, another entry so soon. Hush.


and despite the whole love/hate relationship I have with dubs, the KKM one is...special. Here's why.

Yuri: Conrad, help me. Make them stop.
Conrad: Yuri, you're too hot in this world. There is nothing I can do for you.

Wolfram: I'm not really into having men lust after me.
Celi: You mean boys these days aren't into that?
Wolfram: Well, I'm not.

Günter: I had no idea that knitting was your hobby.
Gwendal: It's not a hobby! I do it to sharpen my concentration.

Wolfram: They won't want to take your life away because you're too good-looking to kill.
Yuri: Well, you better not fight them either. You're a gazillion times cuter than me anyway.

Conrad: There is really nothing to be afraid of Your Highness. Gwendal won't eat you.

Wolfram: Now listen, you think you're cute and maybe you're actually are, but being cute doesn't make it okay for you to be unfaithful.

Wolfram: How do you expect me to focus on battle if I'm embarrassed to death?

Gunter: I'm so sorry, the naughtiest most irresponsible image just flash through my mind! I must go clear my head.

Yuuri: You can't expect me to take innocent lives in any quantity. Even if they're Yankees fans.

Yuuri: Boy, I sure am relieved, too. Now I finally understand how the men in the action movies feel, when they break down and hug.

Yuuri: So, all I gotta do is go over there butt-naked and grab Melgib? Fine, I'll do it.

Yuuri: The people here have the funkiest names. Straight out of dorky adventure game.

Yuuri: Oh yeah, I remember, I went one on one with a toilet bowl.

Wolfram: And why are you taking your clothes off? (to Yuri)
Günter: Oh my
Celi: Oh dear
Gwendal: Oh please

Obviously I gave the dub too little credit.
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